Rainbow of stars blanket

I have finished this gorgeous blanket today. Pattern is by Sew Sew Baby and is easy to follow. Pattern here

I loved making this blanket and I hope it is used lots and lots by the baby it is going to.


Pardon the absence!

I’m back and planning to blog with a purpose. Things have improved, I’m now in a job that I love. It challenges me and I feel like I am making a difference to the lives of the people I support. I have big plans for this year, to buy a house and start selling my crochet pieces.

Here is my last completed project

The pattern is wave stitch on mypicot.com. I used Stylecraft Special DK, apricot, spring green, lemon and duck egg. It was a gift for my deputy manager who is having a baby next month. It was a nice change to do a blanket in rows as I seem to have done a lot of amigurumi recently and counted in rounds.

My current project is rainbow of stars blanket, and I am being good and sewing the ends in as I go.

Making a rainbow

Sometimes the easiest and quickest projects can be the most satisfying. I have had this yarn sitting in my yarn box for a couple of years now. I bought it because it was pretty but didn’t really have a project in mind. Yesterday I decided that it was the day to turn it in to something.

Presenting my Rainbow Pram Blanket!

It’s a simple granny blanket. I made 3 trebles in each cluster separated with a ch2 space. It was a quick make, it took 2 hours (whilst watching Orange is the New Black) and I am happy with how it looks.

Every Monday morning should start with a rainbow!

A week of crochet and new starts

It has been gorgeous weather here in Newquay this week. I have very much enjoyed sitting in the garden with my Sophie’s Universe.

I have also been offered a job! As a support worker for adults with autism. A new start and a new challenge yet still getting to work at helping people develop.

Making memories

Moving to Cornwall was a fairly easy decision to make last year. For starters my family is down here now, and I had an opportunity to be closer to them finally. It was difficult as I knew it meant Isabella was further away from her sister in Wales and would see her less, but I had to be a little bit selfish and move to where I knew we would be happiest. The lifestyle down here is much better, and there is so much for kids to do. We live so close to the beach that on sunny weekends such as this, we can make the most of it and have our pick of places to go. We have had an amazing weekend enjoying the gorgeous weather. We had the 12ft pool out in the garden (which took forever to fill!), had a BBQ with friends, been to the beach and have just had a chilled out, happy weekend.

Although that hat left a lot to be desired!

Summer is in full swing

Summer in Cornwall is amazing! We only got the end of it last year when we moved down, so we’re making the most of it now. Second BBQ of the week, and I’m in charge as everyone seems to be having a nap.

The littlie is still spotty so no pre school for her. Plenty of stropping about that. But it did give us a chance to take the dogs for a walk. Going from one dog to two has been an adjustment, especially as they are the polar opposite to each other. Meggie being a chilled out Lab and Floyd is a ball of energy as Springers tend to be.

But I have still made time to crochet. Taking my mind off waiting to hear back about my interview on Wednesday, as the decision has now been postponed until Monday. The Sophie’s Universe blanket is still awesome and I’m enjoying every round. Starting to make it a square and it’s just so pretty.

Tricky bits

So there are parts of crochet that I love and parts that irritate me. Sewing up irritates me. I don’t know whether it’s the fiddleyness of it, or that I am not very confident in my sewing skills, but I find this part the least satisfying and the most stressful. I know that the end result is worth it, and that it’s something I will get better with given time and practice. I just wish there was an easier way!

Making time for the little things

Today was a good day. My littlie is still spotty (chicken pox can do one, but at least it’s here before she’s at school), and she has cabin fever because she can’t go to preschool. So today we made a fort with the sofa cushions (whilst I was vacuuming) and then we made some cakes. They were from a packet and honestly they are rank, but she had a good time. Oh and I have got an interview at a school tomorrow. I am positive about it because even though my experience over the last few months has been incredibly rough, I won’t let it destroy me and I certainly won’t let it define me. I am working hard to provide the best life for my family (even if that means I have to eat yucky cakes).

Following a pattern

I find following a well written pattern so enjoyable. I started Sophie’s Universe last week and I am loving it. The range of stitches keep me interested. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I love the easiness of a granny stripe or ripple blanket, where you can go back and forth almost without thinking. But the excitement of starting a new pattern where each row or round is something different is fun, and watching a gorgeous blanket develop feels great. A well written pattern makes anyone feel like an expert without getting stressed out. I am really looking forward to watching this blanket develop.